Neocaesar + Graceless + Deathhammer + Warmaster
vrijdag 22 december
Aanvang: 20:00 Entree: donatie

Rene's 55th birthday party met Neocaesar, Graceless, Warmaster, en Deathhammer. Entrance: free donation for the bands! First band starts 20:00 hrs sharp. Doors 19:30.


Neocaesar is a new Dutch death metal band formed by Mike van Mastrigt and Bart van Wallenberg. All 4 Neocaesar members are well-known from the early Sinister glory days. 
If you like albums as “Diabolical Summoning”, “Aggressive measures” and “Hate” you should look out for Neocaesar. 

Line up:
Bart van Wallenberg – Guitar
Eric de Windt – Drums
Michel Alderliefsten – Bass
Mike van Mastrigt – Vocals

See a preview of some songs:


Old School Death Metal
Why the fuck not! This is what we do best.
Kreft (Soulburn/ Grand Supreme Blood Court) – Vocals/ Guitars
Marc (Nailgun Massacre, Xenomorph) – Drums
Jasper (Nailgun Massacre, Xenomorph) – Bass
Bjorn (Master, We Perish) – Guitars
Leiden, the Netherlands
What else?
Stay fucking tuned! Debut album coming soon!


Formed in 2004, WARMASTER arose from the underground empowered by one demo and gained a rabid following. By 2006 the band extended to a full line up to play lots of gigs and festivals.

WARMASTER debut album, "First War" was released on Dutch Metal Records in 2008. Many European live shows, followed and touring with bands like Grave, Jungle Rot, Sadistic Intent, Fleshcrawl, Zombie Inc. increased WARMASTER’s ever growing reputation.

After some line up changes and with newfound energy and creativity, WARMASTER recorded a new album and a split EP with Humiliation. The split EP is released in June 2013 on Deadbeat Media and Slaughterhouse Records. The 2nd full-length album, 'The End of Humanity' is set to be released in september 2013.

With their raw, groovy, mid-paced old school deathmetal, WARMASTER is going onward to enlarge their legion!

Current line-up:
Marcel Oerlemans - Vocals & guitar
Phil Nugteren - Guitar
Alex Schluter - Bass
André van der Ree - Drums


Hailing from the Hague. They play classic death/thrash covers from the glory days of this kind of music. First gig with new singer!

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