Procreation + Dauthuz + Mouflon
vrijdag 20 april
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With deathmetal as a main reference point, some black- and thrashmetal influences also found their way in Procreation’s music. With the current line up enough material was written for a full length debut, ‘Ghostwood’, which was released in 2014 and can be described as a supernational themed concept album about the dark side within us all.


This old school deathmetal band consists of ex-members of NEMBRIONIC, CONSOLATION, UNLORD, DISAVOWED and others. Their debut EP ‘DAUTHUZ’, which was (self-) released in February 2016. The band have finished recording their first full length album, ‘Destined For Death’, which was released on November 24th 2017. It includes the track ‘Dying Breed’ with Marloes Voskuil (IZEGRIM) on lead vocals. A promo video of this track was released in January 2017. The band is playing all around Holland now so be prepared for a dose of pounding Old School Death Metal, because that’s what DAUTHUZ is all about!


Mouflon is a merging between several bandmembers, active in the metal scene in the Arnhem area (the Netherlands). This happened in 2012. The heavy and dark sound, characteristic for Mouflon, was completed in 2013 with the arrival of lead voacalist and front man Melvin. The mix of old school death metal and doom metal causes a variation in songs with soundwaves that make many buildings tremble. Studio recordings from 2013 and 2014 are collected on demo’s, released under Mouflon’s own management. Big Bad Wolf records released a compilation disc named “Keep it Loud Vol 1” with Mouflon songs on it among others. At the end of 2015, the band’s structure changed by the arrival of a new drummer, and halfway 2017 there was a change in vocalists. Mouflon are currently working on new material!

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