Warborn Waste + Skullsuit + Onegodless
zaterdag 22 april
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Warborn Waste will release their first album 'The Prophets of Dishonour' this evening! 

Warborn Waste:

Warborn Waste is a Modern Death Metal Band from The Hague. Warborn Waste is inspired by a wide variety of subgenres and like to incorporate as much of it into their own sound while holding onto the roots of Death Metal.

Warborn Waste consists of 5 members. Lorenzo on Lead guitar, Laurens on Rhythm guitar, Victor on vocals, Mick on bass and Max on drums. Warborn Waste is one of the youngest metal bands of The Hague, but you will be surprised by their love and passion for music. (Warborn Waste will release their first album ‘The Prophets of Dishonour’ this evening for you!)

They’ve played around about 20 shows as of now. You can expect that a gig from Warborn Waste is extremely powerful. They released their first single ‘Plaguefather’ in January 2016. And meanwhile they’ve played with bands like Korpse, Rectal Smegma, Bodyfarm and The Charm The Fury. If you like Death Metal with modern influences you really need to come and see Warborn Waste!



Founded in the first cold winter days of 2011.

SKULLSUIT’s current line-up consists of Roy Goossens, Dennis Carroll, Rob Meisters and Roel Käller, who uphold a unique mix of Groove/Thrash-Metal with a southern flavour.

Their heavy riffs, bluesy leads, powerful drums, and dark howls are a treat on disc but more so on stage. 

There is no denying that these guys know what they're doing, not one show is the same and they'll give you 110% every time.

Their EP 'Raw, Loud, Immoral but Evident' was released in May 2011. SKULLSUIT’s debut album MOMENTUM was released on the 2nd of February 2015. 

During spring 2015 SKULLSUIT participated in the Dutch Metal Battle. 
After successful preliminaries the band won the Audience Award with a devastating performance in the final. 
The prize included a spot in the Dutch edition of the Wacken Metal Battle final (2de place), as well as a playing on Occultfest in September 2015 and Baroeg Open Air 2015 (replacing jury Award winner).

Currently the band is busy writing new songs for a second album. 

SKULLSUIT is eager to play live, and are also looking to be booked for as many shows as possible at as many venues and festivals as possible!


(the artist formerly known as MOURN)

In late 2013, Onegodless decided to bring nothing new. Since everything already had been done before, and everything else wouldn't be worth making, these brave young men decided to do something entirely different: to acknowledge their total lack of cutting edge. Trying not to copy other bands, this band makes a mixture of Metal, Rock and Blues like a lot of other bands before them. Bands you of course have heard of, going from Pantera and Down to Black Sabbath and Black Label Society. 

Founding member Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic, Ex-Blue Man Group, Exivious), found like minded forces in Thomas Frankhuijzen (March), Yordi Lopez (Red Eyes) and Pieter Verpaalen (ex-Textures) to walk this beaten path of metal. The result is a grooving metal machine that does not stop until you're beating your head to the sound of the riffs. You could describe its genre as HeavyStonerBluesGrooveRockSludgeMetal. Onegodless's heavily riff oriented music trades technical prowess and speed for groove and feel boldly going where many bands have gone before. 

Around the summer of 2014 Onegodless recorded their first EP "The Beaten Path" to start their road to world domination. This EP will bring you 3 of their most powerful songs to give you a little taste of their music.


Doors: 20:00
Skullsuit: 20:30
Warborn Waste: 21:45
Onegodless: 23:00

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