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12 apr

The Morlocks + Cosmic Debris

The Morlocks + Cosmic Debris

april 12 21:00 23:00

The Morlocks

Both as a band and as individuals, The Morlocks have earned their stripes on the rock and roll circuit. Hailing from Los Angeles, The Morlocks are staples of the city’s world-renowned music scene. Through break-ups, break downs, personnel changes, changing cities and shifts in popular culture, The Morlocks have continually grown stronger at what they do best even as they died their many deaths. In the process, The Morlocks have built up a die-hard following and originality. Where others would have bled out long ago, The Morlocks get stitched up and keep going.

Through the twists and turns of rock and roll’s unending stretch of highway, The Morlocks have proven themselves to be road warriors and survivors. Today, as they prepare to take on the world, The Morlocks continue to see themselves being placed in the ranks of the most mysterious, respected and legendary American and European garage punk bands.

Cosmic Debris

“The 70s are over”, they say. That’s correct! Hence there’s a need for something to rise that wil let you travel through time to get you right back to the better years of the 20th century! Get aboard on a space capsule with Cosmic Debris and enjoy the view! Expect psychedelic landscapes and breath in the frequencies of the 70s while you stick your head out of the window! This space rock trio is sailing this ship like it’s their own. Bring your earplugs because louder is ALWAYS better.

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