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ALT_SPACE feat. The Interstring Project

ALT_SPACE feat. The Interstring Project

01-03-2022 @ 19:00 20:00

Join us on March 1 for an interactive concert with the experimental guitar ensemble The Interstring Project. Bringing together live and online audiences, ALT_SPACE enables viewers to perform together with the ensemble through the user web interface Touchy. Be a part of this journey, experimenting with different formats of togetherness.


The Interstring Project is an experimental guitar ensemble with a unique sound aesthetic committed to exploring new repertoire, as well as working collaboratively across different art forms. In addition to premiering new work, The Interstring Project explores new concert formats and seeks new ways to incorporate technology in their artistic practice. The unusual cast of five guitarists opens up many creative possibilities, using both classical and electric guitars, as well as prepared and related string instruments. The ensemble’s unique creativity and eagerness to experiment can be seen in their close work with composers and artists, but also in the group’s own collective compositions. Through playing together for many years, the five musicians have established a distinctive dynamic to their performances – somewhere in between classical chamber music ensemble and rock band.

The Interstring Project is creating a new concert format in close collaboration with the platform ALT_SPACE, created by KREA. The concept will integrate the newly developed user interface Touchy, allowing the audience to actively take part in the live composition of the performance. The interface is directly connected to the instruments on stage, giving the audience the possibility to interact with the musicians in real-time.From controlling certain musical parameters and effects to freely playing on prepared instruments, the audience will have a multitude of possibilities to be part of the performance. The Interstring Project will perform and improvise closely together with the participating audience, inviting them to actively engage in the creative process. The concept is aiming for an entirely new live experience by using digital technology not only to imitate a live concert but rather expanding the traditional format in a way that is only possible within the virtual space.


ALT_SPACE is an interactive hybrid platform fostering an exploratory environment in which audiences can actively contribute to the live-streamed performances in real-time, within the framework set by each artist. To enable such interaction, ALT_SPACE features Touchy, a web application with an intuitive interface, accessible on any device. Conceived as a ‘set and forget’ touch interface, Touchy adds another dimension to the user’s experience.
ALT_SPACE takes advantage of the possibilities offered exclusively by the online realm, promoting effective audience engagement through the collective development of an art performance in real-time. The platform embraces a creative approach to streaming: in ALT_SPACE, the simulacra take over – surveillance and image distortion become part of the reality of the streamed medium.


Stichting Krea aims to answer society’s cultural needs in a creative and innovative way, constantly researching how to design immersive and relevant models of experiences. Developing environments saturated with inclusive and engaging qualities, Krea ultimately seeks to create new ways of experiencing Art.

Based in The Hague, the activities of Krea primarily focus on nurturing and expanding the city’s artistic community through the establishment of sincere and open communication channels between audiences and artists. Krea develops projects that focus on contemporary art forms and aims to create an environment that promotes collaboration, connection, and interaction between artists, disciplines, and audiences.

Pre-sale: €5 / doorsale € 7,50