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05 mei

Bloodofjupiter + Typhus + Ten Ton John

Bloodofjupiter + Typhus + Ten Ton John

05-05-2023 19:30 23:00


bloodofjupiter is the band around David Isberg, the founder of Opeth.

In the year 2010, David Isberg put his former project Somn to rest and focused on his work in the wine industry. After an appointment with a Tuscan wine house that included fans of Opeth, he came back and started the visions of his new band bloodofjupiter named after the Tuscan grape Sangiovese.

The band took shape in the year 2011 and started to rehearse. In the year 2012, David was badly assaulted and after recovering from health issues, the band started again in 2013. Numerous of musicians, 1 record a few cassettes and s few singles later by the end of 2020, David recruited a brand new & solid line-up.

The band also started it’s own alcohol brand with David evoluting snaps, gin & beer sold in Swedish bars & in the Swedish alcohol monopoly shops. New names were found in Davids’s old friend of Mefisto, Robert “Thord” Granath to fill the drum chair and Johan Klevenskog on guitar. The new line-up recorded an ep under the name “Just Let Life Burn!” in August 2021 (finally released September 2022). The ep was followed by a number of live shows through 2022 and the end of the year saw the recruitment of songwriter & bassist Brynja Ströman.

Spring 2023 will estimate the release of a digital single of two brand new songs and a few gigs in the Netherlands before the band gets back into the studio to record their second album as the next phase in the stages of the band.

The city of Den Haag can expect a full hour of wrathful, heavy Swedish powerful doomed death of brutality…


Typhus is a metal band from Athens, Greece. Started as Nuclear Terror, the band was formed in 2009, with major influences from bands like Megadeth, Annihilator, Testament etc. By the end of 2013 they had formed their own Thrash/Speed sound and eventually the band released their first demo. In February of 2014, the band released its first EP, “Contaminated Salvation”, that received remarkably well reviews from Greek and foreign media.

Ten Ton John

Ten Ton John is a Dutch thrashmetal/crossover band from Holland.

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