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20 jul

Bon Comedy at Musicon

Bon Comedy at Musicon

20-07-2022 @ 20:00 23:30

Bon Comedy

In the mood for a good laugh? Come see 9 fantastic comedians at the Bon Comedy open comedy mic here in Musicon.

Line up:

  • Andrei Turc
  • Christos Sougk
  • Délia Tou
  • Georges Degoumois
  • Giorgio Slagveer
  • Karan Karthik
  • Kraai Du Toi
  • Mohnja Joshi
  • Socrates Inglessis

MC’d by Benny Hintjens.

After each 3 acts there will be a little 10 minute break so you can go out for a smoke and grab drink or three.

The event is open to any and all members of the public regardless of ethnicities, lifestyles, and everything in-between

Doors open 20:00, start 20:30