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16 nov

Bon Comedy - Live Stand-Up Comedy

Bon Comedy – Live Stand-Up Comedy

16-11-2022 20:00 23:00


In the mood for a good laugh? Come see 9 fantastic comedians at the Bon Comedy open mic night at Musicon on the 16th of November! These comedians will perform 8 minute sets for your enjoyment, tackling topics such as relationships, conspiracy theories, The Dutch, and everything in between!


  • Liz HL
  • Abocan Aila
  • Christos Sougk
  • Giorgio Slagveer
  • Georges Degoumois
  • Emily Higginson
  • Chee-Wai Chan
  • Cristian Cri
  • Vasu Arora

MC: Benny Hintjens

After the first 4 comics there will be a nice little break where you can go outside to drink heavily and shout at one another.

Doors open 20:00, show starts 20:30