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Sepiroth + Carceri + Buried

Sepiroth + Carceri + Buried

10-02-2023 20:00 23:00


Sepiroth is a brutal old-school death metal band from Sliedrecht, the Netherlands. The band has been founded in 2003 by drummer Damiën and guitarist Chris. With the current stable line-up, Sepiroth wants to take their crushing death metal to the stages of world with more power and strength than ever before. Sepiroth makes riff-oriented death metal with many blastbeats. In the veins of Suffocation, Morbid Angel, Vomitory and Dying Fetus. Sepiroth doesn’t want to label themselves with a single sub-genre, the songs differ from brutal death metal to technical and old-school death metal. Regarding the overall sound, Sepiroth aims to have a unique and tight sound.


Carceri is back. After the release of their full-length The Good Must Suffer The Wicked (2009) and a short European tour supporting Suffocation and Cattle Decapitation (2012), it has been quiet around the Dutch death metal band for a long time. Life took precedence over death… until the need for blast beats, chainsaw riffs and brutal grunts became too great. That’s why Josha Nuis (drums) and Ivar Useinov (guitar) dived into the rehearsal room in 2020 to work out some old ideas. Robbert Kok (vocals) and Timothy Dunn (bass) joined the group and this collaboration resulted in a new full-length titled: From Source To End. It has become a vicious, brutal and devastating record with many nods to the best that 90’s and 00’s death metal had to offer. The record was released by Indonesian label Brutal Mind and the artwork was provided by Jon Zig, a veteran of the extreme metal genre. The band is now getting ready to take the stage and will return live in 2023 for the first time since 2015.


We are BURIED, a band that pays tribute to old school Death Metal, but with a contemporary feel. Bands like Suffocation, Revocation and Decapitated are big influences on our sound. The band was founded in 2007 by guitarist Steve and reached its current shape in 2017. This was after vocalist Joel, bassist Worm and drummer Robbe V had joined the band, all former members of death metal bands Disavowed, Pyaemia and Arsebreed. After releasing several demos over the years, our debut album OCULUS ROT was released 14 February 2021 on Brutal Mind records. Our home base is in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.