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07 okt

Disquiet + Black Rabbit + Spartan + Scars (NOR)

Disquiet + Black Rabbit + Spartan + Scars (NOR)

oktober 7 @ 19:30 23:00


The Dutch melodic metal outfit, Disquiet, represents an international sound, combining Bay Area oriented thrash with Scandinavian death metal elements. Tight rhythmic guitars supported by captivating harmonies, aggressive grooves and melodic guitar solos, create the perfect bed for the intense and diverse vocals of lead singer Sean Maia. With the latest album “Instigate to Annihilate”, Disquiet takes you to the far reaches of thrash and melodic death metal, offering you epic heights.

Black Rabbit

Buried deeply in their hidden graves lay all the mangled bodies and restless souls that have been condemned to hell by Black Rabbit himself. Wreaking nothing but havoc not only with their fast-paced thrash metal and groovy death metal, but also with their neck-ache-inducing live performance, this 5-headed monster will leave every single victim who dares to enter Black Rabbit’s realm torn apart.


Originating from the Netherlands, Spartan are the perfect example of a band which combines Power Metal and Death Metal! Their lyrics are inspired by tales of ancient Greek mythology and are themed around heroic battles, gods and demi-gods in a glorious ode to the past. The energetic elements of power metal perfectly blend with harsh vocals riling up the audience for the twin-guitar melodies and pounding rhythm section. For glory they fight in their quest to besiege every country in the world.


Scars were founded by Ole in 2013. The idea was to create more straight forward and catchy, melodic metal, then he was usually doing. So after recording In Constant Suffering he needed to get a band together for live performance and further recordings. He gathered old friends and bandmates and started rehears right away. Ole from Mecalimb, Morten from Witchammer, Cato from Jim`s Garage and Torben from Mecalimb became ScarS at the end of 2014. At the end of 2017, we started to record our next album. And al the way to summer 2018 we worked on the album. Then Cato desided do leave the band. Morten also took a break, so the album needed help from Robin Larsen to be finished. The album, Trust No One where released 20.09.2018


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Disquiet + Black Rabbit + Spartan + Scars
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