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02-04-2023 21:00 23:00


FRESH! is a new and vibrant jazz concert series in Den Haag. Featuring fresh music projects by the young international musicians connected to the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. The artists in our line-up span from traditional jazz bands to soulful pop vocalists, and from professional orchestras to party-creating swing bands giving a great taste of what global jazz is like in our city. FRESH! is here to show Den Haag that its local scene of upcoming talent is more alive than ever and ready to get on stage!


In our modern times of speed, constant change, cultural melting pots and overlapping times and spaces, different images and stimulus pass by in the blink of an eye. Electric Nuts is recreating the dynamic sound of our time. 

Laying on the footsteps of our fathers, the organ trios that made the history of jazz (Grant Green, Wes Montgomery, Jimmy Smith), the classic Blue Note sound merges with the blues guitars of Jimi Hendrix, the compositional style of Herbie Hancock and Wayne Shorter and the contemporary African American beat. Enrico’s compositions recreate this atmosphere in a fresh and exciting way.

The core of the band is the years long friendship of the young leader and guitarist Enrico Le Noci and the drummer Egidio Gentile, that played together in countless bands over more than 5 years and coming together with this new project and their discographic debut.
Together with them, the wonderful Dutch keyboardist Matthijs Geerts on keys and bass synth brings the harmony together. He’s one of the points of reference in the young Dutch scene, playing with the well known band Greyheads, and touring his debut album out with Zennez records. His sound is widely influenced by the harmonies of Ravel, and the piano playing of Mulgrew Miller, Kenny Kirkland and the heavy hard bop scene of the sixties, as well as George Duke and the funk sound of the 70.

Together they generate an energetic sound, that freshly brings together authentic jazz vibes, with a fusion rock flavour.

  • Enrico Le Noci – Guitar
  • Matthijs Geerts – Keys
  • Egidio Gentile – Drums