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04 nov

[CANCELLED] Norwegian Invasion Fest

[CANCELLED] Norwegian Invasion Fest

04-11-2022 @ 18:30 23:00

We are very sorry to have to announce that this event will be cancelled because of touring problems. Those who have bought tickets will receive the full payment amount within the upcoming days.


Epically blackened, KEEP OF KALESSIN will be promoting their new album “The Gate Of Katharsis”, we will have 3 new videos/singles and a new album released in the run up to the tour. Their last album was released in 2015 was more Epic than Black Metal which they have progressed from, creating a stunning mixture. The band formed in 1993 in Trondheim has had numerous changes of how many perform on stage, the band has settled on a 4 piece with Obsidian taking the responsibility of vocals.

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Fellow Norwegians DODHEIMSGARD/DHG will also be promoting their new album, like KOK fans have been waiting 5 years for their new release. DHG are a completely different breed of Black Metal, coming from the second wave of Norwegian Black Metal they offer a high-quality music experience and a creative angle for Norwegian Black Metal. The bizarre expressions of insanity, the sense of losing your mind and being begotten by the world in the composition of each song are painted in temperate and desolate tones and shades. Each vocal section is mastered as though they are like twisted church sermons ensnaring the mind of the listener to a string of words expressing the living contradiction we create and continue to throw future generations into this artificial void of madness and despair. These words are recited in a way that is similar to what you might expect during a performance of a Shakespeare drama; very expressive and melodramatic.

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Newly added, CADAVER, The first EVER Norwegian Death metal band, released their first album in 1990. The band were formed by Ander Odden who is the bass player of SATYRICON and Ole Bjerkebakke. The band split in the 90’s. The reform last year is Anders Odden and Dirk Verbeuren (Soilwork/Megadeth). The band are announcing their signing to Nuclear Blast in April, then releasing their long awaited new album in July which will be a priority artist for NB. This is the first album in 16 years! They have not toured in over 10 years since the reform.

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 Hungarians BORNHOLM, newly signed to Napalm Records will be bringing another style of Black metal to the package, this time in the vein of a Pagan influenced style.

Their music steers the band on a collision path with many others who match the gallant, snarling black metal aesthetic with epic synthesizers and acoustics, but BORNHOLM proceeds to trample many of them straight into the dust.

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Originally from Iran, but they fled to Norway to escape prosecution from the government. They play heavy metal metal with anti-religion lyrics.