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05 sep

The Hague Doom Day

The Hague Doom Day

05-09-2021 15:00 20:00

Op deze zondag presenteren wij de eerste Haagse Doom Dag in de historie van Den Haag. Het Doom-metal genre is een sub stroming binnen de heavy metal welke ook weer verschillende vertakkingen heeft zoals Traditional Doom Metal, Death-Doom en Funeral Doom. Wij hopen uiteraard dat dit een succes wordt en dat er nog vele edities mogen volgen. De optredende bands zijn Marche Funebre uit België, Et Moriemur uit Tsjechië, Pilgrimage uit Malta/Nederland en Officium Triste uit Nederland. De entree bedraagt €13,- vvk en €15,- aan de deur.

OPGELET: Vanwege de als maar veranderende regels omtrent Corona kunnen we helaas maar 70 mensen toe laten en moet het publiek een vaste zitplaats hebben. Er wordt aan de deur gecontroleerd of u een vaccinatie of testbewijs heeft. Zie:

Mensen die reeds een kaartje hebben aangeschaft, maar geen zin hebben in een zitconcert of geen vaccinatie/test- bewijs willen of kunnen leveren kunnen uiteraard hun geld terug krijgen.

Marche Funebre

5 dark music lovers sealed a pact and formed Marche Funèbre, doom metal their game. With several highly acclaimed releases under their belt, the Belgian quintet has built a steady reputation of making a unique blend of eclectic doom death metal. By now they have released four full length albums, all of wich are doom classix.

 Marche Funèbre is a band that lives for and on the stage, so in their 12 years of existence 150+ gigs have been done in over 15 countries. They toured with some of the scene’s most prolific bands, think of Primordial, Novembers Doom, Ahab, Saturnus, and the likes. All of this culminating in their first North American run of gigs, and countless gigs all over Europe, from Lisbon to Moscow.

The March is coming to The Hague … with the sound of DOOM.

Et Moriemur

With four great albums this band from the Czech Republic is considered one of the best doom bands from the east. Sharing the stage with such bands as MOURNFUL CONGREGATION, ESOTERIC, SATURNUS, WORSHIP, AHAB, ISOLE or OPHIS and performing at prestigious festivals such as BRUTAL ASSAULT, GOTHOOM OPEN AIR (SK), DARKEN THE MOON (BE) and CZECH DEATH FEST, they have a gained a reputation as a very good live band. For 2021 they planned the release of the new album “Tamashii no Yama”.

Officium Triste

Officium Triste does not need any introduction to any Doom-metal fan on the planet and they played every goddamn (doom) metal festival you can imagine. From 1994 on they have crafted their own style of melodic doom/death influenced by bands as Paradise Lost, (old) Anathema, My Dying Bride mixed with death metal elements that can be traced to Winter, Edge Of Sanity or Entombed. Their last album “The Death Of Gaia” (2019) was received very well by the international metal-press.  A great release show at a church in Antwerp and several festival appearances followed and then Covid came….Here is your chance to get doomed alive again!


Pilgrimage is a doom death metal band born of a collaboration between Sean Pollacco (ex-Weeping Silence), Eric Hazebroek (Vetrar Draugurinn, ex-Stream Of Passion) and Dino Mifsud Lepre (Victims Of Creation). The trio also recruited Dario Pace Taliana (Weeping Silence) on vocals for live shows & studio, and Darryl Portelli on guitars for live shows. “Voyage To The End Of Time” is their first track, available for streaming below.

The band commented: “We are proud to share with you this first song, which captures in essence the Pilgrimage sound. ‘Voyage To The End Of Time’ will feature on the band’s debut album, about which we will divulge more details next year. Until then, we find solace in this slab of Doom-Death Metal at the onset of autumn.”