juni 10 19:30 juni 12 00:30

Het in 1991 uitgebrachte album LEGENDA van de band ARMIA werd gerangschikt als de eerste van de beste releases die uitkwamen tussen 1991 en 2021. De legendarische band Armia en Art Stage Promotion nodigen je uit voor een concert dat in het teken staat van juist dit album. Natuurlijk zullen er ook enkele van de bekendste nummers van de band te horen zijn.

mei 13 20:00 mei 14 00:30

We invite you to a concert by Sarius in Musicon! SARIUS – that is, an exceptionally charismatic, native of Czestochowa, talented rapper and singer. He debuted on the market in 2013 and has been consistently building his position on the scene ever since. His breakthrough moment came with his fifth album titled ‘ANTIHYPE’ in 2017, which was released on his own label. The album received very good ratings in reviews and feedback from listeners, more than once landing on the podium of 2017 summaries o.

april 22 19:30 april 23 00:30

JWP in NL – XXV anniversary concert! In recent years, the Warsaw team has been active as never before. 2020 brought us the team’s “Colleagues.” 2021 is “ABCD” Eros with PMM Head; Siwers’ “Return from the Road to Nowhere”; Kosi’s solo debut in the form of “IS.OK” or, finally, Ero’s second solo with “Eroism.” And a few months ago, the pantheon of solo projects was further completed by Lajzol with the excellent “Lajzol Serious,” so there is definitely something to celebrate.